Tuesday, 11 January 2011

RECOMMENDED: Dro Carey – Venus Knock EP [The Trilogy Tapes]

Dro Carey is a young Australian producer who is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on this year - his blend of haunted hip-hop is really on point. His debut 12”, the Venus Knock EP, is a super limited affair for The Trilogy Tapes so get in quick if you like physical product, if you miss it, don’t fret. Theres already talk from Ikonika of picking him up for a release on her and Optimum’s Hum & Buzz label. The EP shows Carey flexing his muscles and knocking out some seriously twisted mutations – imagine a heavier variant of the ghostly R&B of How To Dress Well or Hype Williams playing off the computer funk of Actress or 10-20 and the twisting bass heavy drum machine/sample workouts of DJ Rashad then you’ll be somewhere close.

Starting with a strong opener, the brooding ‘Get Rid Of This Guy,’ Carey takes rolling 808 drum patterns and plays them off a menacing sluggish synth tone. Along with the infectious chopped vocal motifs it’s a real winner. Quick on its heels is the booming title track; whose bass punch hits holes in your chest, as the angry buzz swoops into earshot through a post-industrial haze it all becomes a little bit more sinister.

Flip the wax over for the slow motion smudge of ‘Dead Keys’, which feels like its come fresh off the set of a horror film with a scene set in a Chicago house club, the vocal hits twisted in and out of shape against the creeping backdrop. While the closer ‘Glitter Variables’ sounds like a submarine in trouble sampled and chopped into the form of a lost Dance Mania record.

A super solid EP all round.

Words: James Balf
Out: Now


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  1. wait till you hear his stuff thats coming out on RAMP .. its amazing