Monday, 13 April 2009

PRE-ORDER: Cooly G – Narst/Love Dub [Hyperdub]

UK funky is making heavy moves on the underground with its soca infused beats, house tempo, big bassed smooth grooves and that all important hint of dirt. It’s the juxtaposition of light and dark vibes that makes UK funky so absorbingly interesting; when added with the massively danceable beats of course. Singer and producer Cooly G - hailing from South London, a place where so much UK bass music has been pioneered before - drops her debut 12” for the forward pushing, genre spanners Hyperdub who always seem to uncover exciting musical hybrids.

The first track ‘Narst’ comes on like a dirty grime infused dance floor shaker reminiscent of recent instrumentals from Nocturnal fed via old school Chicago house. It kind of sounds like the most gritty of super hero’s theme tunes, but one with a bit of slinky class like the latex clad Cat Woman. The strings build and dub out before big house kicks propel and the other percussion funks it up into a big danceable beast as the chest beating bass throws down on you.

The flip which features ‘Love Dub’ and its stepped up refix is definitely the highlight. The intricate soca drum patterns flow, shake, bump and groove in every possible direction and make you want to wind your body in new and emphatically sexy ways. Cooly G sings snippets in her sweet and slinky way as silky chords get all warm and fuzzy above the bass punches below; its all so spaced out and mellow yet insanely danceable at the same time. This is the undoubtedly the smooth loved up end of UK funky; pure vibes.

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