Wednesday, 8 April 2009

PRE-ORDER: Computer Jay - Distance/Epiphany [Ramp]

From the first note of the instantly recognisable synthesizer waverings on ‘Distance’ its impossible not to mesmerised. This track is a bonafide smash; its got the intro that will draw everyone's disco pistols and its got that incessant beat to vibe to as the snares hit on the beats you expect the kick drum to. The bass is measured and strong to work the sternum, wobbling succinctly without ever pulling focus from the lead synthesizer's evolutions into hammer horror.

‘Epiphany’ sounds a bit more like Computer Jay is solely using ancient Atari prefixes to communicate with the outside world as his bit crushed keyboards traverse octaves and the drums turn themselves into a rolling gallop. On both tracks it’s the way the drums are used that really stands out. Whether its confusing convention on the A side or turning the idea of a straight beat on its head with a succession of high pressure kick drums on ‘Epiphany’ Jay seems to absolutely nail it.



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