Wednesday, 1 April 2009

PRE-ORDER: MRK1 – Magnetic Device/Revolution 909 [Earwax]

Sometimes you get your hands on a track and something clicks, whether it’s a series of bass notes or a trickling melody and you realise you’ve heard it before. And then when you look into it you realise its been all over the modern day pirate stations which are now surfing the internet waves rather the high seas or tower blocks. Yep, the pirates truly have gone global. You tune into Rinse or Sub FM - the two big dubstep stations - and your bound to hear a few corking wobblers, especially when the big boys like Skream, Plastican, N-Type or even Dusk & Blackdown are on. Anyway… ‘Magnetic Device’ seems somehow engrained on the listenership already as the fact dawns that all the above have played it.

But somehow its not become tired and played out yet, the bass line gets itself wedged in the memory and simply doesn’t get stale. Yep, Manchester’s MRK 1 has made another dirty banger for Earwax, one that has a simple no nonsense wobble and punchy beats that stands out like the worlds first grime hovercraft assault vehicle whilst the flip, ‘Revolution 909,’ goes deeper and more acid with a repeating vocal snippet and all the tweaks and bleeps to give it a real retro electro feel in a similar vein to someone like wAgAwAgA.


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