Wednesday, 8 April 2009

PRE-ORDER: LD - Traumatic Times/Woodblock [Hyperdub]

One of the major perils of office listening are the informative bleeps and wibbles of the various social networking programs kept constantly open to enable you to be forever contactable. No matter how you flip it, AIM’s sound of a creaking door closing never fits whatever music your playing; although sometimes, in more dub-techno situations the facebook IM blip, can sound almost harmonious... The reason I subject you to this mind wandering is that the whistling in ‘Traumatic Times’ had me alt-tabbing between pages, closing windows and cursing the small UPS Widget puppet that pops up every time you refresh sendspace trying to find the route of the occurrence, when it was quite obviously part of track and not some electronic come on from a dwarfed, uniformed Morph.

LD has a knack of infusing multitudes of sounds and styles into his own productions, and ‘Traumatic Times’ is the essence of that. Smooth lounge pianos, slicing ride cymbals, hyper delayed chord stabs and rolling percussion all meld succulently as he drives onward with his arrangement. ‘Woodblock’ is definitely the ying to ‘Traumatic Times’ yang though; from the off the swelling synth line is more aggressive, splurting out of the blocks rather than reclining across them before the rave synthesizers start arpeggiating across each other in the mid section.

Displaying a varied production bow and taking a leaf from the Kode 9 co-produced ‘Bad EPLD rolls out a constant driving rhythm on ‘Woodblock’ burying his percussion into your conscious with each patter of the congas and aptly displaying his ability to smash the dance as well as soundtrack a rainy London bound train journey.


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