Saturday, 4 April 2009

PRE-ORDER: Joker – Do It/Psychedelic Runway [Kapsize]

Kapsize is the label, Joker is the producer. His style is imitable, instantly recognisable and intrinsically his. The self proclaimed ‘Purple Prince’ has been much hyped of late, remixing Little Boots, Djing all over the world and releasing beats on Hyperdub, with another forthcoming on Tectonic. This plate is the third release on Kapsize so far - following on from the collaboration with Glasgow’s hip-hop badman, Rustie on KAP002 – and it features the heavily BBC Radio 1 supported ‘Do It.’

Still managing to sound as catchy and as fresh as the day you first heard it, ‘Do It’ makes for a wicked peak time floor shaker harnessing the southern boom bap kicks and snare snap-click that drive the dirty chugging, snaggle-toothed grime synths in making a dark backdrop to the ascending string samples and filtered Dr. Dre-esque talk box lead lines and the oft repeated “do it” vocal sample.

If Silkie played more Sonic The Hedgehog and less jazz at home he may well have channelled his soulful funk vibes through some whining 8-bit synths like Joker has on ‘Psychedelic Runway.’ Using jagged bass synthesizers Joker propels his straight dubstep drum pattern swabbing the edges with punishing pads and leads that take the track into a more melodic grime territory, swapping the aggression of the genre for a guide book on key Moog manipulations.

This platter shows that both Kapsize and Joker are growing. With these tune he shows that he can turn himself to the deep side as well as the darkside fusing the upfront melodies of grime with some spatial meditation.


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