Thursday, 23 April 2009

PRE-ORDER: Jamie Vex'd - In System Travel EP [Planet Mu]

One of dubstep’s true pioneers from way back is here again and this time he’s doing it alone, tearing up the rulebook and making a sound all of his own. If you caught his remix of Scuba’s ‘Twitch’ with its lush off-kilter fuckery then you will know what Jamie Vex'd has in store on the ‘In System Travel EP.’

He has some how made an inspiring combination of sideways hip-hop, breakbeat, dubstep with really warm shinny production levels that don’t really sound to much like anything else out there right now. The title track is the most laid back and it’s slightly reminiscent of crate digger extraordinaire The Avalanches somehow with its sunny filtered melody samples and jazz bass. But Jamie adds a slice of pure dubstep bass with huge depth and a woozy organic feel to the free flowing ultra swung beats.

‘Radiant Industry’ and ‘Saturn’ both come out of the blocks like huge breakbeat monsters with a dose of funk and massive puddles of synthetic bass that get tweaked and smeared into some overly distorted shapes. ‘Radiant Industry’ does it like a long lost block party smashing anthem that just builds with tension and energy at every turn while ‘Saturn’ takes the vibes into outer space via some whining synth action - not unlike something Joker would cook up.

Undeniably essential.


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