Wednesday, 9 June 2010

DOWNLOAD: Jay Scarlett - CCC Promo Mix

Jay Scarlett is basically... the dude. His tireless work curating the Beat Dimensions compilations has had a massive impact on the musical direction of many producers, and made a lot of ears prick up and understand that this new wave of beat music has legs far beyond the first Flying Lotus record. The man himself has put together a new promo mix in honour of the Creative Control Coalition night, which launches at The New Empowering Church in Hackney on Saturday 19th June, so any London bods not making the trip to Barcelona's Sonar festival should take note.

Featuring acts like Jay, Om Unit, Morgan Zarate, Subeena and Amalgamation of Soundz tickets are a ten sheet and come with a free copy of the CCC compilation which you can stream at the link below.


The Creative Control Coalition (CCC) is a new, innovative not-for-profit organisation dedicated to representing, connecting and supporting independent creative organisations and individuals in order to encourage and nurture collaborative work for the benefit of all involved.

The shared mission of the coalition is to work together and grow stronger in order to keep on loving what we do so that we can keep on doing what we love. Artists and labels who make up the CCC are concerned with creating, promoting and selling their work but have made an informed decision to do this independently of the confines and compromises that relinquishing creative control of their work would inevitably bring.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Scarlett - CCC Promo Mix (Direct Link)


1. Colonel Red - 'Inside is light' (unreleased)
2. Simon S - 'A Free Soul' (previously released on vinyl only)
3. Chima Anya feat. Soweto Kinch - 'A New Day'
4. Jay Scarlett Ft Reggie B - 'Cartoon Characters'
5. Miki Grems - 'My Name is Michael' (produced by Son of Kick)
6. Kay Suzuki feat. Duchy - 'Move On'
7. Dave de Rose - Dreams
8. Morgan Zarate - 'Satin White'



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