Friday, 4 June 2010

VIDEO/DOWNLOAD: BUILD003 ft. Baobinga, Ginz and CosminTRG

To mark the 3rd release on Baobinga's BUILD label - a split 12" featuring two collaborations with Bao going toe to toe with Joker collaborator Ginz on the A side, 'The Good Stank,' and head to head with CosminTRG on the blazing B, 'I Get Ruff' - they've linked up with You Naughty Monsters, to make a video clip teaser featuring their music, zombies and high rises:

And in another act of promotion Captain Bao has released a b2b mix with CosminTRG into cyberspace which you can kop at the url below.

DOWNLOAD: Cosmin TRG vs Baobinga - MiniMix for BUILD003

With a unique take on two approaches - the g-funk era, squelch sonics of the Ginz collab and a tough as Carol off Eastenders face house tempoed highlight on the flip - Baobinga is cementing his hold on the vinyl market. Though the CosminTRG collab wins out thanks to in no short measure to is nuttiness and intensity, both tracks have a distinct appeal that work well in a basement with a big rig.


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