Wednesday, 2 June 2010

PRE-ORDER: Sage Francis - Li(f)e [Epitaph]

"Themed around the title's subject matter the album is a small but natural departure from Francis' previous work, the musical backdrops to his fierce syllable deliveries are crafted completely by a live band rather than a motley crew of producers. While his previous methods worked gloriously in kick heavy effect across his previous long players, the music on Li(f)e seems to represent Francis' growth as a human being, sounding both organic and effortlessly emotive. After hints at such a transition with skits and tracks like 'Jah Didn't Kill Johnny' or 'My Name is Strange', where Francis explored the performance aspect of a live band, the idea has come full circle."

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Sage plays The Basement @ CAMP in London on the 14th July.


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