Thursday, 24 June 2010

READ: SRQ013: Sonar 2010 Review

The lovable rogues at theQuietus sent me to Spain on a mission to enjoy Barcelona's optimum 'International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art,' Sonar 2010 last week. Here's what came out of my withdrawl laden, fuzzed out brain and bandaged fingers earlier this week...

"The whole vibe of the city during Sonar is infectious; reams of bars, tapas spots and pavement corners are coated in music lovers, the glorious weather soaks everything in a sheen that simply feels 100% significant and isolated to this 4 or 5 day period; and bar the lime green lanyards sported by the festival goers milling around Barcelona’s awkward, thin streets it’s not obvious that everyone is there for simply for the music. In fact a lot might not be there for the festival, but for a bunch of the numerous off Sonar parties that pepper nightclubs, hotel roofs and secluded beaches around the same time as the festival – a glorious subculture that often holds more than the festival can accommodate."

READ THE REVIEW IN FULL: SRQ013: Sonar 2010 Review


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