Monday, 7 June 2010


To provide the world with another reason to be and to draw a little attention to the release of his 3D 7" single on Galleta Records, Niño, has kindly offered up a free download of his 'X' track. With the normal edition harbouring three original works: 'X,' 'Y,' 'Z' which display Niño's quick bursts of funk heavy slump stylings in beautiful fashion the special edition EP contains two remixes from Coco Bryce and Mwelsee, whose work has been absolutely flooding our office time with joy.

Coming from the same vein as Coco's recent Tropical Heat compilation we rated so highly a month or so back, Niño's latest release for Galleta, marks him out as someone who's got the groove dripping out of his both his stuttering drum machines and his synthesizers.



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