Monday, 28 June 2010

DOWNLOAD: Illum Sphere - Psycho (Doc Daneeka's Hatchet & Spade Remix)

Since our first encounter with Doc Daneeka back at the tail end of last year thanks to his inclusion of the Elevator Music Vol. 1 compilation with the positively tribal 'Drums In The Deep,' the Leeds based producer has gone from strength to strength to strength, with global publications like XLR8R and FACT becoming more than a little smitten with his production and remix work.

Following his recent Kelis 'Milkshake' bootleg, audio of which is available on our show (archived here), we've been bestowed with something of a coo, thanks largely to Manchester's Illum Sphere - a man also experiencing somewhat of a boost in profile thanks to his recent 12" on Martyn's 3024 label. Basically, Illum commissioned a slew of remixes of his most recent Fat City release, Long Live The Plan, and he's kindly decided to give us dibs on the freebie Doc Daneeka re-rub of 'Psycho.'

DOWNLOAD: Illum Sphere - Psycho (Doc Daneeka's Hatchet & Spade Remix)

Soundcloud DL limit breached, now hosted on Fairtilizer.



  1. thanks very much, a tune indeed.
    btw hate to be pedantic but being bestowed with a coo is not so great, i think you may have meant a coup.
    always appreciate the blog, cheers

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