Tuesday, 22 June 2010

DOWNLOAD: Ramadanman - Bestimix

You know you've heard/read us singing David Kennedy's praises since day dot of this tedious publication. His 'Wad' 12" under his Pearson Sound alias remains one of the most insightful things thats happened to Sonic Router HQ's Tannoys and his forthcoming smasher, 'Work Them' 12" as his more commonplace Ramadanman moniker is set to drop on Loefah's Swamp 81 label in two weeks time.

Well... dude is playing Bestival this year, so he's done a mix. Trust us, every one that he's ever done has been worth the space in your Temp Files folder and plus it means we got to post this picture where he looks about 12...

Out to David, don't sleep.

DOWNLOAD: Ramadanman - Bestimix


01. kim english - nite life (remix) [nervous]
02. altered natives - crop duster [3024]
03. ramadanman - grab somebody [white]
04. unknown - untitled [unreleased]
05. martyn - miniluv [osgut ton]
06. distance - feel me [chestplate]
07. ramadanman - mir [white]
08. menta - snake charmer [road]
09. ramadanman - fall short [swamp 81]
10. distal - apple bottom [unreleased]
11. unknown - untitled [unreleased]
12. loefah - goat stare [dmz]
13. peverelist - better ways of living [punch drunk]
14. blawan - potchla vee [unreleased]
15. instramental - rift zone [unreleased]
16. ludacris vs joe - how low claptrap (dj orgasmic bootleg) [unreleased]
17. sx - wooo remix [digital]
18. addison groove - this girl [unreleased]
19. benga - one on one [big apple]
20. pariah - crossed out [forthcoming r&s]
21. sigha - light swells (in a distant space) [hotflush]


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