Thursday, 21 January 2010

DOWNLOAD: Akkachar - Butterz Exclusives

Former Sonic Router mix giver (wow - bigg title), Akkachar - owner and proprietor of Rwina Records, just did an exclusive mix - which was first broadcast on Elijah and Skiliam's show - for our friends over at Butterz.

Watch out for Starkey's 'Rain City'/'Beatingz' 12" dropping shortly on the Dutch label as well as an EP by SRC, a producer featured heavily on the mix and the lips of everybody from FACT to DSF, entitled 'Goin Out.'

DOWNLOAD: Akkachar - Butterz Exclusives


Taz Buckfaster - Tonic the Swedgehog [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Sort of a start [forthcoming rwina]
SRC - Goin out [forthcoming rwina]
501 - Higher ground [forthcoming rwina]
Starkey - Rain city [rwina]
SRC- Where's the remote [forthcoming rwina]
Dj Madd - Got u dancin [forthcoming subway]
501 - St. ives [forthcoming rwina]
Guido - Cat in the window [dub]
Gemmy - Double Yellow [dub]
Starkey - Beatingz [rwina]
Baobinga - Ride It (untold remix) [forthcoming build]
Taz Buckfaster - 20 Red [rwina]
Akkachar - Neon Swagga [forthcoming subway]
Matt-u - Watchin U [forthcoming subway]
SRC - Goomba VIP goombag [forthcoming butterz]
Eprom - Lick Out [forthcoming rwina]


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