Friday, 22 January 2010

DOWNLOAD: Wedge - FOO Mix Series

To mark the passing of their 3rd release, which is apparently imminent according to their twitter, If Symptoms Persist have contributed a mix to FOO Magazine's series, segued together by label boss Wedge. Featuring a bunch of ISP material it includes tracks from the new 12" Wedge & Aesoteric's 'Night On The Wonk' and the Gemmy remix.

DOWNLOAD: Wedge - FOO Mix Series


1. Butterfly (Wedge remix) – Hazel Mills
2. Detached Reality – Wedge and Aesoteric
3. Vansan (Gatekeeper remix) – Appleblim
4. Cabot Circus – Wedge
5. Phonics – Wedge
6. Blip – Gatekeeper
7. Running Away – Wedge and Shadz
8. Night on the Wonk – Wedge and Aesoteric
9. Night on the Wonk (Gemmy remix) – Wedge and Aesoteric
10. Running Away (Guido remix) – Wedge and Shadz


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