Wednesday, 13 January 2010

DOWNLOAD: The Best of Ruffage Sessions

There’s something so vital about internet radio; something about it feels a lot more hidden from the mainstream. You can’t flick across it accidentally on your FM dial as you drive, you have to be there locked into your station, frantically asking for wheel ups in the chat room by bashing your fists on the keyboard, adding a bunch of exclamation marks and then pressing enter. For me there is yet to be a more instant and personally rewarding medium.

After 3 years of helming the cult radio show, The Ruffage Sessions on the longest running original pirate internet station,, the core trio behind the Hessle Audio label, Ben UFO, Ramadanman and Pangaea, are calling it a day. Tomorrow night’s 4 hour special - from 8pm right through to midnight - presented by and featuring the platter merging of all 3 of them (“for the first time in ages” according to Ben UFO) will be the send off; that special present given to the loyal listeners and message board frequenters.

So, to mark the passing of a big part of the trio’s lives they’ve selected 10 of their favourite sessions - some archived on Sub FM’s cavernous recesses and others re-upped especially for this occasion – to give you a great idea of the guests they’ve had along the way along with a vital insight of the multitude of styles you can expect to hear tomorrow night.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions 01.03.07 (via Sendspace)

This is one of the first shows we ever did... it feels like a long time ago. We were all based in Leeds at this point, so we were doing a lot more shows together.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions – Ramadanman 05.07.07 (Right Click/Save As)

Another early show... Ramadanman was buying house and techno long before we started doing this, and this is the first time he showcased that.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions – Pangaea 31.01.08(Right Click/Save As)

Pangaea's first and only solo show, starting out with a Derek and Clive sketch and moving through a lot of different sounds.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions – Ramadanman 23.04.08 (via Divshare)

A solo Ramadanman show, 100% vinyl from early 2008. Broadcast from Dorset with the trusty headphone mic.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions feat. Appleblim – 29.05.08 (Right Click/Save As)

This was at the point when there was more hype around techno oriented dubstep than there'd ever been. At the same time there was a lot of music coming out of the house and techno scenes that sounded really exciting, and was unfamiliar to us. This show’s a good document of that.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions feat. Bok Bok – 20.11.08 (Right Click/Save As)

Ben: One of the hypest and most enjoyable show’s I’ve done. A lot of fun was had piecing together house music from all over the place and trying to keep everything from falling apart.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions– Ben UFO Jungle Show 01.01.09 (via Megaupload)

Recorded on New Years Day 2009. Although it's predominantly dark, mid-90s stuff I get quite a blissful vibe from it.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions Second Birthday Pt. 1 – Ramadanman 08.01.09 (Right Click/Save As)

The first half of our second birthday celebrations, broadcast from Lille. Ramadanman picked out some of his favourite tunes that got played regularly on the show through the two years it’d been running.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions Second Birthday Pt. 2 feat. Oneman, Elgato, Brackles, Bok Bok, Ben UFO and Asbo – 15.01.09 (Right Click/Save As)

Ben: Some of the happiest memories of radio I have come from this show. It was a real privilege mixing with everyone all crammed into a tiny room with piles of records all over the place. We kept it going for nearly 4 hours. There are tunes in this show I've not heard since.

DOWNLOAD: Ruffage Sessions – Ben UFO 09.04.09 (Right Click/Save As)

One of the first Ruffage Sessions focusing on a transition from lower tempo house through garage ending up at 140bpm.

Catch the last ever Ruffage Session on tomorrow night from 8pm. Oh and look out for Pangaea's double pack EP dropping on Hessle Audio imminently, 'Why?' is the one...



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