Monday, 11 January 2010

DOWNLOAD: Stickem - Let Skweeedom Ring

Primitive, using simple computer sounds and what some might call outdated equipment, the genre of 'skweee' seems like it could be an insider joke when your trying your best to describe it to someone... like some kind of "fisher price dubstep..."

Its not. There's a lot to love, as displayed here by Stickem, providing a "75 minute mix showcasing the synthetic funk from Scandinavia" for the Skweeelicious blog.

DOWNLOAD: Stickem - Let Skweeedom Ring


Mrs. Qeada (SWE) Dreamatis Personea
Melkeveien (NO) Fantôme
Claws Costeau (FIN) Cold Smokin’ Tofu
Boss Kite (UK) CMYK
V.C. (FIN) 30:00
Ricky Lemon (DEN) Copenhagen
Bellybelle (USA) Supercell Strut
LaZERcrotch (USA) Neon Dude’s House Party
Spartan Lover (FIN) Zbieg
Wankers United (FRA) Superfönky
Hybakusha (ESP) Lebannon79
Kid Logic (USA) Polyester Shirt
Miramichi (CA) Leggo My Ego
Limonious (SWE) Degenerate
Beem (SWE) Automan
Easy and The Center of the Universe (NO) Yazid
Daniel Savio (SWE) People Die Love Don’t
Rigas (SWE) feat. Markis Sage (SWE/FIN) Love Over Gold
Stickem (USA) This Thing Is On – Beatbully (NO) remix
Mesak (FIN) Sly Filmfestival (Sotchi Montage)
Sprutbass (NO) Hot Water Dirty Pits
Randy Barracuda (FIN/NL) Overnight Romancin’
Mackaper (SWE) Tale of Tale of Tales – Joxaren (SWE) remix
Slow Hand Motëm (CA) feat. Pubs Panseno (USA) They Lied



  1. Nice. Surprised, didnt think id like this

  2. hybakusha representando a españa!!!