Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Number of Hits Since 13/02/2009: 100000

We reached something of a landmark today.

According to our hit counter, he who has been covertly lodged at the footer of our page since the first few weeks we started up, we just skipped passed the 100,000 hits mark.

To recap, over the last 11 months we've had:

32 exclusive mixes (28 with accompanying interviews).
12 interviews.
6 podcasts.
2 associated columns.
1 healthy computer tan.

Thankyou to every artist who has given us their time; and to all the readers whose eyes are hopefully as square as mine as a result.

In celebration please join us at our 1st birthday celebration in Bristol next month... We're hosting Room 2 at [dissident] and we're bringing Brackles, Jack Sparrow, Shortstuff and Gemmy with us.

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Here's to another 100,000 hits...



  1. Nice one Oli. Reckon a fair few of those hits were from us! (Aside from the ol' forum, SR has to be the best resource for dubstep(ish) music on the net - so it's well deserved.)

  2. Big up! Definitely one of my favourite websites.