Thursday, 25 March 2010

NEWS: 3024 Update with Martyn & Illum Sphere

Post Red Bull Music Academy, London has been all too quiet. Parting, for me anyway, with Brainfeeder at fabric it was an intense month; packed with shows from DOOM at the Roundhouse, Jamie Vex'd, Mike Slott, Scuba and the unrelenting Untold at TBar and a rather special Deviation in the basement of Camp. As well as the headliners, resident DJ Benji B and Skream - dropping a disco set, there were sets that night from beat protege 00Genesis and Manchester's Illum Sphere.

Now any regular followers of us will know the work of Mr. Hunn excites us deeply, so it was a touch to finally catch him spinning, eventually chat him up; and learn of his impending release on Martyn's soon to be further blossoming 3024 label. We caught up with him once again - re-visiting old email transcripts to figure how it happened - and asked him a few questions in search of that all important update...

Sonic Router: I've spoken to a few participants since the end of term and the feeling definitely seems to be one of... hollowness... How are you finding life after the Academy?

Illum Sphere: I think we've all got depression haha. I really miss being in that environment and all the people there. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and 100% worthwhile, I can't thank the people in charge enough for letting me on.

So how did you link up with Martyn for the forthcoming 3024 12”?

Ummm... well, I did the remix for 'Brilliant Orange,' and we'd chatted about maybe doing something for 3024. Martyn was quite into this demo tune I had called 'Technopolis' which was a way off being finished. I then sent him 'Titan,' and he showed interest in signing that and a finished version of 'Technopolis,' before suggesting I do another nugget for it. So I did 'Go Killum,' and that was that really, from the initial interest to finalising was rather quick.

What can the world expect from it? Does it differ from the Fat City material in your opinion?

I think it shows a broader range. 'Titan' and 'Technopolis' are two very different tunes, sound very different to stuff I've done, yet sound like me, if that makes sense? 'Go Killum' is more like the Fat City stuff, but still definitely different, I think anyway...

Speaking of the Fat City stuff, when is the 2nd part of your LP dropping?

It's gonna come out fully first, in the summer. I'm gonna switch it around a bit, maybe ditching some of the stuff from the 'Long Live The Plan' EP, playing with the order a bit more and trying to include as much new stuff as possible...


And to quote a subsequent and somewhat ominously relevant conversation with label boss Martyn: "Following up on the two remix 12"s that were released in January, I'm really happy we're able to put out Illum Sphere's EP. He's one of those new producers that effortlessly blends different styles and sounds."

And looking towards the future for the label he also divulged that: "after this release in May, we'll have Altered Natives for 3024-009 with 'The Bitch' and 'Crop Duster.' Then later in the year Deadboy will do a record on 3024 as well. So all in all: there's forthcoming bits from three people who aren't easily classifiable, but are busy developing their own sound."


3024-008 will be out in May.

You can download Illum's recent exploration of boogie and disco mix, which he made in conjunction with Krystal Klear, at the Hoya Hoya blog here:


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