Tuesday, 17 March 2009

DOWNLOAD: The Grime Forum EP - Edition One

Freeness from Taz Buckfaster, Prov, Joker and Rudekid...

"Last year Grime Forum ran a competition to get your instrumentals onto the Grime Forum EP. It was originally planned to put four winning tracks from this competition out on vinyl but due to circumstances this never happened. So it was decided that we would put the tracks out on CD along with extra tracks from your favourite producers. Many months passed and our attention was left elsewhere. Now we have taken the decision to turn the Grime Forum EP into a series of EP’s featuring the original winning tracks plus those gathered over the past year. Each edition will only include four tracks and will be digitally packed as if it where a vinyl."

More info on this here: http://www.grimeforum.com/?p=172

DOWNLOAD: The Grime Forum EP - Edition One

A. Taz Buckfaster - Negative
AA. Prov - Artic Company
B. Joker - Zariak
BB. Rude Kid - Its About Time


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