Monday, 23 March 2009

PRE-ORDER: Fantastic Mr Fox and Rich Reason – Plimsoul/Bleep Show [Hemlock]

Hemlock’s third full 12” vinyl release comes from the production pairing of Fantastic Mr Fox and Rich Reason. FMF first came to light on the first of the label’s remix 10”s last year remixing Untold’s ‘Yukon’ into a glitched up hip hop stormer.

‘Plimsoul’ is a delightfully jiggy number that revolves around what sounds like a cut up and playfully pitched snatch of synthesizer. The off key loop gets decimated by a cheekily primitive drum machine skip and a scything hard edged distorted bassline that ascends through its cuts to devastatingly memorable effect. Evolving through acres of spaced out chords and lead melodies the track all drops in sync the 2nd time round and its unattainable chaos – all be it in a jiggly, happy kind of way.

Centred around one of those inebriated stumbling hooks that Rustie might throw down ‘Bleep Show’ is an altogether different beat than its predecessor. The drums find themselves slowed up dancing a more hip hop pattern, and the synths find themselves erratically jumping around the scales, with the top ends almost squeaking as they shimmer.

Everything this duo do on this single is very highly commendable. Constantly keeping the ear guessing, working with multitudes of ideas and techniques, differing their bass sounds and vocal samples they create pieces that bounce from one evolution to the next with the kind of cocky swagger that was so abundant in Joker’s first few releases.


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