Monday, 23 March 2009

DOWNLOAD: Pangaea - Reprise Agency Mix

A mix is a powerful tool, it can get you up on people you wouldn't normally investigate, score a mood or place in time perfectly and it can send your headspace to new unexplored places, regardless of everyday limitations and/or daily grinds. A well thought out one can also get you more DJ bookings...

Hessle head Pangaea has spun together one of the most intriuging tracklists we've seen in a while (Untold's 'Anaconda' into some unreleased Peverelist business anyone?) for the Reprise Music Agency.

Pangaea - Reprise Agency Mix


01. SL2 - DJs take control (XL)
02. Martin Kemp - Bowser (unreleased)
03. 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down (Moving Shadow)
04. Ramadanman - ??? (unreleased)
05. Micky Pearce - Innami (unreleased)
06. Luke Envoy - Uptown (unreleased)
07. Badawi - Lost Highway (unreleased)
08. Acen - Trip II The Moon (part II) (Production House)
09. Guido - Tango (unreleased)
10. Tempa t - Next Hype (Brackles remix) (unreleased)
11. Untold - Anaconda (forthcoming Hessle Audio)
12. Peverelist - The Blues (unreleased)
13. Joe - Rut (Hessle Audio)
14. Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling (Pangaea remix) (unreleased)
15. Pangaea - Memories (white)



  1. Who is Mickey Pearce?

    Am i imagining him?

  2. i had a childhood friend called Mick Pearce. Would be awesome if it was him...

  3. Dude! have you listened to this yet? It's like the best mix ever! wish he'd do one for us. Him and Headhunter need claimed on Magnetic

  4. yeah - Kev is on some other shit... heavy as.