Tuesday, 31 March 2009

PRE-ORDER: King Cannibal - Virgo EP [Ninja Tune]

Dylan Richards returns to South London’s Ninja Tune with his second single and at this juncture the man seems determined to show off a few more styles than the bruising dancehall flecked stylings he’s become renowned for with the B side ‘Murder Us’. Beginning in typical Cannibal fashion he twists an anarchic “Murder Us” vocal sample from German outfit Jahcoozi around a tightly wound bass line and four to the floor kick drums, building the percussion with a few off beat hi hats and reversed snares beginning to drive things into a dubstep time frame.

Then, with a single chime he flips it and signals a new section that uses the same minimal drum pattern as he begins to glitch up his output with some hyper-delayed guitar samples before he lets the fury of his saw bass take control again. Keeping the regulation darkness that infiltrates every pore of his persona ‘Murder Us’ hints at another direction for Richards and in taking a foot off the dance floor he proves he’s just as adept at wrecking Berlin clubs as he is at storming Warp shows.

‘Virgo’ dances like a masonic ritual as French vocalist Face a Face winds her consistent lungs around the purile side chained white noise of the kick drum before the bouncy synth stabs and glitches start getting framed with layers of delay and metallic hi hats. When it drops it’s sure to pull faces and raise gunfingers in the dance but for the pure fuck of it, ‘Murder Us’ wins.

Out: Late April


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