Tuesday, 17 March 2009

DOWNLOAD: Hyetal - Highrise Clothing Mix

Chris over at Highrise (sup fella?) has procured a mix from Bristol resident Hyetal for the blog section of his site.

"When listening to his music, the reason for the hype that is surrounding him becomes instantly apparent; his subtle, yet assured use of melody and harmony, along with his delicate use of percussion, creates a sonic fragility that is full of energy and emotion."


He also has Guido, Gemmy and Shortstuff dubs...

DOWNLOAD: Hyetal - Highrise Clothing Mix


Kulture – Midgar Skyline
Desto – Inkdeath
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream
Rustie – Tempered
Guido – Tango 140
Zombie – The Lie
Kode 9 & LD – Bad
Jack Sparrow – The Chase
Peverelist – Clunk Click Every Trip
Shortstuff – Progression
Hyetal – Gold Or Soul
Gemmy – Kodama


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