Tuesday, 17 March 2009

DOWNLOAD: Quarta330 - MO'ZX-EP

Net label Maltine Music is giving out a free EP from Quarta 330, you might have kopped his 'Sabacco' 12" release on Hyperdub a while back. Its severe glitch ridden, chip-tune-nutrage from the outset on 'ahirskew' but for us its all about the warped musings of 'ASUTATA50'.

DOWNLOAD: Quarta330 - MO'ZX-EP

1. ahirskew


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  1. It's another tune that is almost fantastic but ends up just alright. Where are the long time producers who could take these riddims and ideas and kill it with the production, why aren't they getting their dubstep on? I reckon they're probably all sitting around talking about where all the money has gone in music, why they're not relevant and wondering how they are going to pay their bills and in the meantime we've got these youngsters who have created an exciting genre, kicked music up its arse but are still learning their equipment and haven't brought all of Stevie Wonders records yet so they don't realise the possibilities for the music.. Right I'll calm down now...