Monday, 9 March 2009

PRE-ORDER: 10-20 - 10-20 [Highpoint Lowlife]

Discovering new music and unearthing the latest producer before anyone else is what we’re in this game for and when something comes from left of nowhere and completely flaws you, dropping your jaw squarely to the floor you either strive to tell everybody you know or keep it locked deep inside, like the best secret since the truth behind the creation of man.

For us Devon based producer, 10-20’s debut self titled on the Highpoint Lowlife label slots seductively into the first category. Miles deep it’s full of hypnotic sound-scapes made from tiny electronic glitches and what sounds like the mass re-wiring of a super computer. The organic flickering of album opener ‘Milvus’ has a chiming, chilly vibe to it, like a walk in a snow flecked breeze under a maze of snaking over-head power lines. It sounds cold, dead and crunchy but also has an endearing warmth to it when everything, the gated percussion, the pulsing bass synths and the ghostly atmospherics sing in perfect unison.

‘Jjuvxszla’ channels fragments of hip hop, ambient electronica and dubstep’s bass weight into something that swirls and crushes delightfully. The similarly madly titled, ‘Wdrtrhjvelgrad’ sounds like the afterlife spirit of 2-step pirate radio being conducted over the top of a old skool electro beat and layers of ambient loops. The different sections fade in and out and create something that’s both jarring and kind of beautiful before the track melts into the truly wonderful ‘InB’, which echoes the smooth chords found in Aphex Twin or even the looped out brilliance of GAS over a Fly Lo style hip hop drum template.

Flowing like a winding river through industrial landscapes, his productions embrace the poison and pollution of a lifetime spent pondering numerous genres of electronica. 10-20 has made an album that merges the weight of ambience and the afflictions of genres like hip hop, dubstep and techno, crackling it all together with panache and an irrefutably deft touch.

Simply superb.

DOWNLOAD: 10-20 - 'Arcadeagle'


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