Tuesday, 17 March 2009

DOWNLOAD - SelfSays - Something Out Of Nothing

Almost utterly unknown to us other than the appearance of Bullion and Samiyam in the man's production credits, SelfSays hit us up with a link to an EP he has self released to the world through the power of the internet.

Charles Vann's lyrical flow is constantly impressive, even more so when he allows himself to delve a little and get deep and introspective, but its atop the hyper-compressed drums and swooning samples on the Bullion produced 'Same Space (Just Easy)' that SelfSays shines, unfurling quick bars with style and the kind of cocksure flair you'd be hard pressed to hear outside of a DOOM (MF optional) record.

DOWNLOAD: SelfSays - Something Out Of Nothing


1.Little Things (produced by Feux)
2.Mess (produced by Knowledge)
3.Parting Gifts (produced by Devonwho)
4.Real Life pt1 (produced by Dak)
5.Real Life pt2 (produced by Jack High)
6.Same Space (produced by Bullion)
7.Sleeping Beauty (produced by Beatmongers)
8.This Evening (produced by Samiyam)


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