Monday, 30 March 2009

PRE-ORDER: Various Artists - Wigflex 001 [Wigflex]

Looking as fresh as it sounds, thanks to some incredibly tasty cartoon artwork, Nottingham’s Wigflex label is steaming out of the blocks with its first release; an EP featuring 4 artists associated with a flair for the unusual.

First up is an absolute beauty from Notts bass ambassador and Berkane Sol label boss Geiom. His track ‘Lame Car’ has a funky infused driving rhythm over some lush, warm, almost acid like synths. It comes off like a more techy influenced ‘Elevated Levels’, the funky anthem by Roska that’s dominated pirate airwaves for a hot minute. Metaphi drops ‘The More I Know Her,' another skipping, chopped up number that has a definite electronic 2-step feel that somehow manages to pull off an Oriental tinge. If Blade Runner was remade for generation bass then this could definitely be heard on the sound track, rolling out as neon lights fly by the city’s lanky buttresses in the depth of night.

On the flip The Hizatron picks up where the others left off and makes a down right dirty electro monster with pumping beats and growling lead synths. The almost 808 style cowbells give ‘Schlupinski’ a very retro electro vibe that really does drive. Taylor’s ‘Janglefuss’ does what it says on the tin and goes all tribal on us, twisting it all up with some highly strung synths, punching the funk bass around the pitched drums. Bringing some real energy and tension to the track as it winds through numerous arppegiated synths Taylor excels in his evolutions rolling out a tough 4x4 kick drum that’s peppered with pitch bent synths and crunchy percussion.

Saying Wigflex are one to watch would be kind of an understatement as these 4 tracks seem to breathe new life into monitors and ears every time they're played. They’re a perfect example of the fusion between dubstep and techno and a real lungful of air that doesn’t hum of stale beer and weed smoke.


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