Friday, 26 March 2010

DOWNLOAD: Furesshu - Milennia

Hailing from Bristol, Furesshu, has been in our peripheral vision for a while now; probably due to his role running the Seasonfive nights in Bristol, and his position on the flyers with a bunch of the scene's leading lights. After a 12” popped up on the newly minted Project Squared label – a subsidiary of Project Mooncircle – recently, he hit us up touting his wares.

Coming from the deep end of the spectrum echoing shards of sharp edged chords particularly fluently, he’s offering Sonic Router readers the chance to bag his ‘Milennia’ track for free…

“I first got into producing music about 3/4 years ago, messing around on Reason with a Mac at Uni,” he informs us. “The sound of Bristol's take on dubstep was very inspiring factor for me to start my own productions...”

“After releasing digital only on the net label Echodub, my debut vinyl release on Project Squared has just dropped which I'm really excited about, I was really happy to hear Marcel Dettmann playing my track ‘Untitled’ from the Project Squared 12" recently at Bloc Weekend. Asusu has done a remix of ‘Horizons’ which is forthcoming on Immerse and later in the year I will be dropping something else on Project Squared. In my spare time I'm writing more music in my bedroom studio and saving up for some kit to go in it. I have also recently recorded a mix to promote the release which is available for download through my soundcloud; it was also featured on Super Ultra Mega's Podcast.”

DOWNLOAD: Furesshu – Milennia

You can catch Furesshu at “Bristol's premiere techno night” under_score in April, MIMM in Nottingham in early May and Monochrome, also in Bristol, at the end of May.


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  1. Loving "Horizons" -- great stuff.