Thursday, 18 March 2010

INTERVIEW: B. Bravo [Frite Nite]

B. Bravo’s new wave of boogie funk is an interstellar tangle of limbs, lube and straight mad computer lovin’. The San Franciscan producer, born Adam Mori, has the synth hero battles, the heavyweight trunk drops and that innate Fred Wesley meets Roger Troutman cosmic funk running thick in his veins. With his ‘Computa Love EP’ out now on the Frite Nite label, perfectly picking up from where his ‘Analog Starship EP’ left off a year ago and his presence in our somewhat springtime capital for the recent Red Bull Music Academy we caught up with him to figure a few things.

What is it about The Bay that is musically different to the rest of the West Coast?

I love that funk is a big influence in The Bay. Mob Music really had a big influence on me as far as making beats and that stuff is all just basically funk…

Can you introduce the Frite Nite label?

Frite Nite was started by (Paul) Salva as a means to release music from his friends and the artists he was into. In its short existence it's grown into a tight family and crew spanning from experimental hip hop to dubstep producers and DJs.

What’s next after the ‘Computa Love EP’?

A lot of remixes… Brian Deady from Ireland, Approach featuring Reggie B is out soon, there’s a Spinnerty and John Robinson 7" coming out in summer and I’m working on a project with the Japanese artist Broken Haze.

What’s the deal with the Bayonics?

Bayonics is the band I play saxophone with. We've been doing our thing since 2002. It’s a full on band (nine guys) doing Latin music, hip hop, funk… good parties; lots of dancing. We tour around and play shows all the time. Our second album is being mixed now and should be out soon.

So when did you get into playing keys?

Growing up we always had a piano in my house. One day I saw a commercial on TV where a kid was playing Fur Elise. I was determined to learn it, so I found some sheet music and basically taught myself.

And finally, the most important question of the Bay; where’s the best mission burrito?

La Taqueria on Mission/25th. Chicken in red sauce with beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa and hot sauce. There is no rice in their burritos… The best.


DOWNLOAD: B. Bravo – Sonic Router Mix


1. B.BRAVO - Swing my Way RMX
2. Norrit - Nobody Baby (Salva Remix)
3. Epcot - Grav i Be (B.BRAVO RMX)
4. Martyn - Twenty Four
5. Caspa & Rusko - One of the Same
6. Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick
7. Pangaea - 5-HTP
8. Breakage - Late Night
9. Clue Kid - Shifty
10. Silkie - Planet X
11. Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
12. NastyNasty - No Names
13. Turbo Weekend - Something or Nothing (2000f & Jkamata RMX)
14. Africa Hi-Tec - Too Late (ft Rio)
15. B.BRAVO - Computa Love


Words: Terence Teh
Photo: Dulce Paz

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