Thursday, 25 March 2010

DOWNLOAD: TAKE - Neon Beams & Incredibright

Californian producer TAKE celebrated his Alpha Pup signed full length, 'Only Mountain' , this past week with a free download of the first single 'Neon Beams.' When he got got in touch we excitedly shot him a quick correspondence to get the low down...

Sonic Router: When we spoke last you you hinted at a long player... now its come to fruition on Alpha Pup. How does it feel to be in such good company with artists like Nosaj Thing and Free The Robots?

TAKE: This time around its feeling really good. Alpha Pup is quickly becoming a power house for Los Angeles music of this nature. Its like a big family whose tree branches extend out from the Low End Theory night! I feel at home there, amongst friends and I'm also very confident in AP's ability to market, and sell music. Its a great business structure.

What can we expect from the album in terms of style and direction?

With the 'Only Mountain' release, I wanted to stretch my self. I wanted to do more than just a "beat" record. To me its pretty important for an album to play like a real album, front to back. Often, that's something lacking from many albums these days. So that said, you can expect the unexpected... lol. I'd say this is my most mature endeavor by far. Its the culmination of everything I've ever done but refined into an album. I'm really pleased; I think there is something for everyone on this album.

Its out April 20 on double vinyl, digital, CD on Alpha Pup Records.

Your giving up a free DL too! Thanks! Is it a good indication of the album you think?

The free download is 'Neon Beams.' I think its pretty indicative of the album, but like I said, this record is a journey. I'll let the listeners be the judge.

Is there anything else new you wanna share with the world?

Much love to all of you reading this! Like large pro said: "buy the album when i drop it.."

DOWNLOAD: TAKE - Neon Beams & TAKE - Incredibright (via XLR8R)


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