Wednesday, 10 March 2010

PRE-ORDER: Eprom – Never/FaltyDL Rephresh [Surfire]

Surefire Sound’s debut release features two fine beat makers in Eprom and FaltyDL. Both bring a skippy garage-esq variant to the table with San Fransisco resident Eprom – here deviating from his more prominent boom bap sound found on his forthcoming Rwina release - brings the source material and New York’s FaltyDL showed us his slant. The two seem to share a love for deeply hypnotic bumping garage, full of twisted, clattering drums and funky basslines that seem to echo with a spectral atmosphere.

‘Never’ the original is aimed more squarely at the floor compared to Falty’s remix. Eprom juggles sizzling high-hats, funky drum patterns, emotive cut-up female vocal samples and a bubbly urgent bassline against subtly progressing bleep-melodies. It’s got all the hallmarks of a post-garage track but steers away from cliché by having a sound that gets under your skin and manages to stay there.

Falty gets darker and more spaced out with his take, chopping the drums up into fragmented breaks and making the samples float even more ghostly. The bassline gets dubby and smeared into a pulsing buzz while all the other elements shuffle in all directions. The breakdown melts into sub territory before the breaks and a subtle synth melody takes hold again.

Words: James Balf
Out: Now


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