Monday, 22 March 2010

DOWNLOAD: LHF - Pipedown Mix

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Followers of Blackdown's blog will no doubt be up on the LHF crew - comprised of Amen Ra, Double Helix, No Fixed Abode, Escobar Seasons, Low Density Matter, Octaviour and Solar Man. In the Keysound Recordings boss' own word their music sounds like "Sun Ra's hijacked Rinse FM and is using it to communicate with the heavens."

High praise indeed, and to demonstrate they're handling the latest Pipedown mix (100% comprised of the crew's productions) ahead of the Keysound Label's showcase - featuring sets from Dusk & Blackdown, LHF, Kowton and Pipedown residents - at Rhythm Factory in London next week.

DOWNLOAD: LHF - Pipedown Mix (Right Click/Save As)


No Fixed Abode – Sirius Nanotech
Double Helix – TSR-1
Low Density Matter – Blue Steel (Forthcoming Keysound)
Double Helix – Shadows of the City
Amen Ra – Song For Auset (feat. Double Helix and No Fixed Abode)
No Fixed Abode – Indian Street Slang
Double Helix – An Eastern Philosophy
Amen Ra- Fragments Of A Love Story
Amen Ra – Final Chapter
Catta – Fourth Motion (Double Helix Remix) (Forthcoming Dubsquare)
Amen Ra – Unbroken Chain
Double Helix – The Chains
No Fixed Abode – Strangelands
Amen Ra – One Way Ticket

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