Friday, 26 March 2010

DOWNLOAD: Untold - Live @ Numbers

Surely, if you've read this elongated page before you'll be well aware of our love affair with Untold and his potent brew of riotous drums and his relentless musical schedule. Similarly you'll have seen the Glasgow Numbers conglomerate name checked here a bunch of times, whether its been in promotion of some of their legendary club nights or the announcement concerning the formation of the uber label - bore from the fusion of the Stuff, Wireblock and Dress 2 Sweat energies.

Well - the deal is this: Numbers just launched their brand new website - - and they're offering a recording of Untold's set from one of their September '09 Glasgow bashes as a celebration.

DOWNLOAD: Untold - Live @ Numbers

Go and buy the first Numbers release 'The Golden Handshake EP,' from both parties behind the LazerSword project, Lando Kal and Low Limit. Its in stores now and you need it for 'Trapperkeeper' alone.

And look out for the Deadboy 'IfUWantMe' release in early April too - some super special single sided laser etched business...

Oh and make sure you attend the clique's next fabric takeover next Friday:


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