Tuesday, 30 March 2010

READ: SRQ011 - Boss Kite

After listening to a lot of the margins music commonly referred to as 'skweee,' of late I'd been mulling over the best writing options afforded to me in my quest to document a style of music I was becoming more and more besotted with. Not knowing much of the gentry or history behind the movement itself - hailing from Scandinavia, the primitive sound has really blossomed over the last few years - but sharing a common love of the sound I approached Brighton based producer Boss Kite, hoping to harness his passion for the genre and his productions as the source of a further investigation.

Catch him in the chat and the mix over at The Quietus.

READ: SRQ011 - Boss Kite


1. Boss Kite – 'Dotch Clogs'
2. Joxaren – 'Fel I Facit'
3. Mangrove – 'Perfect Disaster'
4. Boss Kite – 'Moody Blues'
5. Boss Kite – 'Clef Bassett'
6. Beem – 'Manka' (:Kinema: vocal edit)
7. Beatbully – 'Skweeed'
8. Rigas Den Andre – 'Guilty' feet, No Rhythm
9. Mrs Qaeda – 'Liikutuksia'
10. Daniel Savio – 'Monkey Pee Monkey Poo'
11. Wankers United – 'Superfonky'
12. Master of Ribongia – 'Sweetbeat' (Boss Kite Remix)
13. Pixelord – 'Quartz Boy' (Coco Bryce Fake Skweee Mix)
14. Markis Sage – 'Two City Clash'

Londoners can catch Boss Kite's live show on 9th April when he plays THEM at Corsica Studios alongside Kuedo and Boxcutter:

...or make the pilgrimage to Donky Pitch's first Birthday on the 20th May where he’s on the bill with Fulgeance & Randy Baracuda.


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