Thursday, 26 February 2009

DOWNLOAD: Beezy - Cupid's Death

Beezy's gone nuts. Giving away an album's worth of material for free...

'Cupid's Death' features the one Beez rhyming over beats from Joker, Guido, Dubface, Cluekid and Komonazmuk.

Worth a punt for the price of a few mouse clicks.

DOWNLOAD: Beezy - Cupid's Death


1. Into
2. Love Calamity (prod by Cluekid)
3. Virtual Lover (prod by Joker)
4. Whatever The Weather (prod by Guido)
5. A Paper Boys Dream (prod by Dubface)
6. Lethal Attraction (prod by Komonazmuk)
7. Love In The Past Tense (prod by Dubface)
8. Cupid's Fruits (prod by Cluekid)
9. The Watcher (prod by Dubface)
10. Outro (prod by Dubface)


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