Wednesday, 25 February 2009

PRE-ORDER: Pangaea - Bear Witness/Mosaix [Hotflush Two]

Pangaea stole our hearts last year with ‘Router’; the song even gave this blog the second part of its name, thereby bringing a small part of our love for his label’s output into what we work on everyday and, after two releases on his Hessle Audio imprint (co-run with Ramadanman and Ben UFO), Pangaea’s out to maim on Scuba’s Hotflush Two label.

‘Bear Witness’
is the stand out of the two slices of pretty much perfect future garage on offer as the deep low slung sub bass and subtle 2-step rhythms play out under a beautiful, warm set of synth pads that are full of melancholic emotion. It’s a little reminiscent of ‘Changes’ by Mala from the recent Deep Medi release in the way the chords play with your emotions as the bass batters you.

‘Mosaix’ however is a jazzy little number that takes its main hook from a stand-up-bass bass line. The skitting percussion and splashy ride cymbals play off quick clipped vocal sample snatches and the garage-esque rhythm section. It’s a minimal composition, bringing only 5 or so separate musical elements to the dance and again, its moody and peppered with a healthy dash of melancholia, but the focus here is planted squarely on the drums. And when the punch and skip their way through the bars they don’t fail to disappoint.

Out: 2nd March 2009


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