Monday, 16 February 2009

DOWNLOAD: Take - Levitations Mix

Yes - we slept on it. We can only apologise. Sometimes when you have 5 or 6 email addresses being bombarded with press releases, you forget to check one as intricately as you maybe should.

French hip hop label Musique Large have commissioned a series of mixes - "because France needs to know that new hip hop movement" (which one can only presume to be the post Dilla, scattered drum patternings of 2009's instrumental hip hop) - and the first in the 'La Mixette' series comes from LA producer Take.

Extra props go to him for his inclusion of 00Genesis, Flako and Ras G... helping the French get educated since 2009.

La Mixette Vol. 1: Take - Levitations Mix


Hubert Daviz - Smog Cut
Bullion - Lets Go Away
Computer Jay - CDR
Chateau Flight - In the mix
Pudge - You got Knocked
Yamasuki Singers - Yama
Black Monk - CDR (Poobah)
J Dilla - In Yo Face
Tom Targo - Ale Jesuz
J Dilla - Off Ya Chest
Kraftwerk - Nummern
King Errisson - Say Goodbye
Rachel Sweet- Its so Different Here
The Moments - Sexy Mama
Toshi Kubota - Nothin But Your Love (Jay Dee rmx)
Jan Hammer - Dont You Know
Misel Quitno - Pull It Out
Jobe - Couche
Katalyst/ Steve Spacek - How Bout us
Aqeel - Figure it out
Olivier Daysoul - Bump It
Ras G - The 40 Bus
Sa - Ra - Smokeless Highs
Take & Domu - Like A Drum
Afta - The Facts
00Genesis - No Shoes Trampoline
Flako - Inside
Harmonic 33 - Neon
Take - Sugar Flower
Black Spade - Actioneer
Black Monk - CDR
Flying Lotus - CDR
Dorothy Ashby - The Moving Finger