Wednesday, 25 February 2009

DOWNLOAD: Helixir - Tranquera Mixtape

French label 7even Recordings have been quietly pushing their strains of dubstep over 7 or so 12" singles with highlights, for us, being the work of F and Helixir's 'Helicraft'.

Helixir has just put together a mix for Brazilian site Tranquera. For us stubborn English language speakers you'll have to disregard the interview although the download link is universal in its appeal, text and concept.

DOWNLOAD: Helixir - Tranquera Mixtape


01. Helixir “Stereolyth” Unreleased
02. F “Angebot” Unreleased
03. Likhan “La Camorra” Unreleased
04. Likhan “Broken Stepper” Unreleased
05. F “Tryclops” Unreleased
06. Helixir feat. Juakali “Narcotik Dub” Sens Inverse forthcoming
07. Helixir “Dub 4 P” 7even
08. Likhan “Quiet Riot” 7even forthcoming
09. F “Subterra” 7even forthcoming
10. F “Phase Two” Unreleased
11. Likhan “Red Light” 7even forthcoming
12. F “Poka” 7even forthcoming
13. Helixir “Deep Run” Unreleased
14. Likhan “Stipple” Unreleased
15. Likhan “Ravin’ Ghost” Unreleased
16. Helixir “Weird And Cold” Unreleased
17. Helixir “Black Cat” Unreleased
18. Helixir “No Sub No Dub” Unreleased
19. Likhan “Nights And Days” Unreleased


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