Thursday, 12 February 2009

INTERVIEW: Ramp Recordings

With assorted releases due - from full length’s to 7”s - from people like Clouds, Slugabed, FaltyDL and Computer Jay it’s looking like the first quarter of 2009 belongs to a small but perfectly formed alternative hip hop label going under the collective title, Ramp.

After a bundle of hurried instant messenger conversations label boss Tom Kerridge kindly shed a little light on their forthcoming releases for us:

Sonic Router: So whats coming after this February shaped hump for Ramp?

Tom@Ramp: “I’m really excited about the FaltyDL album, it’s so varied but everything ties in so well… it goes from straight up sample hip hop to garage, to IDM to drum n bass to techno. DL is a very clever lad!

“Computer Jay's ‘Who Is Computer Jay’ EP is the best collection of tunes I have ever had the pleasure to have involvement in. He has been playing keys for the Pharcyde for the past 4 years, and often collaborates with Gaslamp Killer, Flylo & Dam Funk. I am absolutely shocked the man is not known as an artist in his own right, because I really can't think of anybody making better music than him right now.

“Also - Clouds have made me the best dubstep record I think I have ever heard, but you won't be hearing that for at least 6 months…. And Shortstuff's ‘A Rustling’, which I recently picked up is already getting played by people you might not expect like Mumdance and Diplo, so look out for another ‘Strange Fruit’ sized crossover record right there…"

Zomby – Strange Fruit

Anything else coming from Zomby?

“Yeah - of course there’s the walking dead extrasolar emostep producer Zomby's upcoming EP. It’s really going to shock some people. Taking dark garage and dubstep, and mixing it up with crunk and funky, and coming out sounding like... well... like Zomby!”

Is that it...?

“Basically I’m looking to keep on doing what I'm doing; teaming up cool music with crazy artwork, developing my artists, and all that. I don't really have any plans for world domination with download sites or clothing companies or direct distribution or any of these other silly ideas labels have, I'm just pushing to get a fair deal for artists and producers that I think deserve a chance of getting heard!"

You can keep up to date with the releases, including updates on a Flying Lotus & Declaime EP which Tom’s been far too modest to mention above (featuring bi-polar raps and hella FlyLo drum shaped oddities) at their myspace:

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