Friday, 13 February 2009

PRE-ORDER: Kromestar - My Sound

Kromestar is prolific. The man has officially got 12”s coming out of his ears; barely a week or two goes by without a new beat of his being heard by someone, somewhere. He’s fresh on the release of his debut full length titled ‘My Sound’ and yet only last year he dropped an album with Hatcha!

Harbouring a traditional, more ‘classic’ dubstep sound the tracks haven’t got that aggy streak coursing through the lfos; nor do they pulsate with any kind of an infusion of techno. They are purely the sound of smoothed out soul infused dub... and for that the album benefits greatly.

Plastic horn stabs, big bass and skipping snare patterns echo the vibes of the Anti-Social Entertainment crew drawing influence from the work of Silkie and Quest and their deep, warmly meditative productions. Kromestar’s work seems to wander, his melodies want to dance from vibe to vibe but somehow he consistently manages to convey the mellow, hazy vibe that makes you gently swagger, rather than gunfinger the roof tiles, when you’re deep in the dance.


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