Friday, 27 February 2009

PRE-ORDER: Likhan – Redlight/Quiet Riot [7even Recordings]

Proving that the French can handle the [bass] pressure and push things forward just as much as any London based label 7even Recordings return to the plate with a new 12” from Likhan, his third for the label, who make it up to 8 vinyl releases to date.

After numerous listens it transpires that ‘Redlight’ is the stand out cut. Rolling off the delightfully jigged up double clap drum pattern the bass – perfectly subbed, deep and low - ascends for the latter part of the main phrase bringing the momentum crashing down as the pulses dissappear in time for the first kick of each bar, giving it maximum punch and effect. Creating melody out of 909 congas that are echoed out around a eurphoric rave melody and slices of that true Detroit synth sound he lets things evolve before he adds the killer touch - a horror film lead and the delayed flight deck warning alarm from Red Dwarf circa series 4.

‘Quiet Riot’ fuses relaxed lounge pianos with long reverbed snares and the kind of bubbling melody that relies more on its root note than its progression, finding its feet in the repetition of the delay its encased in. The sub bass is more persistant than on the A side, repeatedly sything and stabbing at the drum pattern creating more of that short swelling wob wob Ramadanman and Peverelist use so well.

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