Thursday, 19 February 2009

PRE-ORDER: Various Production - Trycycle EP

Ever the mysterious musical chameleons, Various Production, follow up their brave experiment with Scottish spoken word artist Gerry Mitchell, ‘The Invisible Lodger’, with the ‘Trycycle EP’, marking a shift away from bold genre conglomerates and into heavily synthesizer led dubstep that has all the hallmarks of Gemmy and Rustie combined.

The title track chops and swirls its melody manically around a genuinely tough steppah beat whilst the b side, ‘B side’, takes more of a spacious hip hop flow with its drum programming, the melody stemming from a vocal snippet that’s repeatedly stabbed into the foreground of the mix. But the real peach of the three tracks on offer here is ‘Ramp’, which unlike the previous tracks doesn’t feel like its trying to emulate a style such as Joker’s or Rustie’s. It’s a clipped and skewed sparse instrumental that gets slayed by the relaxed vocal bars from emcee V.E.X., a man who hides a few championship winning punch lines in his verses buffing up the end product and making it pop off like how you wish that last Virus Syndicate LP would have.

Out: 23rd March 2009



  1. trycycle ep is now out on Various Production@people's music store.
    killer track feat. VEX

  2. sorry.