Friday, 13 February 2009

PRE-ORDER: Herrmutt Lobby – Bassfudge Powerscones EP

Eat Concrete are a Dutch label who have previously homed releases from Take and D-Frost and Hermutt Lobby, the latest artist 12” on the label, appears to be a collective of Belgian producers rather than the larger than life computer consuming hobo figure I had him pegged for the first time I heard his music. Swarming the kick drum punches with laser stabs and crystallized swirls, the 'Bassfudge Powerscones EP' is a strain of mutilated, robot sampling hip hop that punishes and stretches headphones and aging Tannoy monitors alike.

‘Fat Manual’ and ‘Rock The Bell’ are the must haves here, for their conceited head nod infection and the latter for it's subtle use of trickling turntable induced melody. ‘Play’ uses melodies that do sound a little like an emotional heart to heart between a modem and a fax machine but within all the blips and squiggles there is a tidy surplus of infectious beats and monolithic bass to make this another essential Eat Concrete plate.


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