Thursday, 26 February 2009

PRE-ORDER: Mordant Music – The Hauntological Song [Mordant Music]

Anyone who’s followed the works of Baron Mordant and Admiral Greyscale over the past 3 or 4 years should be salivating at this release. Each of their works, whether it’s a full length CD shaped as a tear, a picture disc 7” or a 3” CD presented in a petri dish complete with mould spores, is fiercely original; musically as much as stylistically.

Mordant Music also work - at times - with Sam Shackleton, the driving force behind one of the most individual labels to have graced dubstep in recent times, Skull Disco. At times on ‘The Hauntological Song’ you really can hear some of Shack’s influence wedged deep in the interaction of the insistently driving beat, the bass swells and the hyper delayed chipmunk pitched vocals. Diving further into techno than some of the other releases on the label the track ends up a thick funk of echoes that could easily soundtrack the lost moments of panic aroused by a fearful endorphin fuelled darkened corridor stupor.

Described by MM themselves as “the final turn of the card for the forthcoming Shackleton/MM compilation CD 'Picking O'er The Bones' due in April 2009”, its being released, in typical collector’s edition fashion, on a one sided, etched 10” which you can (pre)grab today from Boomkat.

Undeniably essential.

Out: 2nd March


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