Wednesday, 25 February 2009

PRE-ORDER: Phaelah – Fire (Feat. Ngaio) / Isolate [Surface Tension]

Bristol native Phaelah gets props from big names. Christine Vaccine’s gone on record as saying his productions are some of the most sublimely musical works out there. His previous releases on the Urban Scrumping label hint at this uber medolic work, but it would seem that the lad’s got a couple of sides to his production style as far as the seismic wobble of the bass drop on ‘Fire’ suggests.

Fusing that kind of paranoid bass frequency that slices deep into your gut - and makes you feel a little uncomfortable if you’re out raving on a full stomach - with a bold diva warbled vocal, ‘Fire’ forces you to into movement when the quick swelling bass throbs surges through into earshot underneath the vocal. You might also notice the use of a subtle old skool jungle drum pattern layered deep in the percussion, its touches like this that keep a hook heavy ‘single’ like this so interesting.

‘Isolate’ really does flip things from the A side though, backing the low end reliant stomp of ‘Fire’ with a rolling, percussion heavy number that utilises melodic strings, sweeping vocal loops and what sounds like a cleverly filtered double bass sample. Think Future Sound of London or A Guy Called Gerald at about 140 bpm and you won’t be to far off; it definitely has that old type, ambient dance vibe, plus when the sub rolls out under the complex drum pattern its instantly infectious.

Out Now on Surface Tension Recordings


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