Thursday, 26 February 2009

PRE-ORDER: Production Unit - Half Of A Hole [Highpoint Lowlife]

Lo-fi digital dancehall riddim’s crossed with techno sensibilities make for compelling listening when they’re buttered up like a digital hot cross bun from Scottish producer and Numbers resident, Production Unit. Releasing his latest digital only single, ‘Half Of A Hole’ on the Highpoint Lowlife label he stands with one foot in heavily 808 influenced acid house and the other in primitive drum driven digital dub.

‘A Little Hope’ kicks off like a Playstation built Music 2000 version of The Bug before getting a little more glitchy with some hypnotically glitched and stretched vocal samples panning around the mix. ‘Dem Sirens’ sounds more dub influenced with the heavy b-line taking the brunt of the attention off of the simple drum loop before the whistle that undoubtedly gives the track its name starts singing in its disturbed pitch bent tone. The second evolution is a floating pad chord sequence that flows through the rest of the track as a suspect 8-bit approximation of a guitar chugs and judders underneath.

Two slices of intrigue then from a producer whos already sent us a taster of what else is to come from him. Analogue sounds and drum machines are battling it out right now in a studio somewhere in Scotland and this man's vying for fans of your new style digital dub from the likes of Jahtari’s main man Disrupt and home made ‘I Love Acid Too’ style Christopher Just.

Out: Now


You can check out PU's refix of a classic too.

DOWNLOAD: Warren G - Regulate (Production Unit Remix)

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